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Lord Ganesh Description  :-

            Lord Ganesh ( Lord Ganesh ) is one of the most widely worshipped God all over the world .   Lord Ganesh belong to Shaivaites . There are many good original objects belong to Shaivaites . Vinayaga delete Gaja Mugarasan bad human connected objects in 3 rd yugam . There are many Shaivaites belong to past generation . Favour Good Original Objects . UnFavour Other than Good Original Objects , connected objects . Good Original Vinayaga is healthy , happy , weight , good , confident .  Lord Ganesh is worshipped at the start of any WorkLord Ganesh is considered to be the Lord who removes worries or problems ( vignam ) and hence is also called Vigneshwara .  Lord Ganesh is one who has deep knowledge . Lord Ganesh provides knowledge to those who preaches and loyal to the Lord . Some books are shown in Lord Ganesh Picture .  Some say Lord helps Human being in the beginning of this world  to percept the language ( Sanskrit ) . Lord Ganesh usually makes everybody Happy and Free .

         Lord Ganesh has an elephant head ,  four arms .  In his upper hands Lord Ganesh holds the paasam ( noose ) and ankusam .  The lower two hands are held in the abhaya and varada mudras .   Lord Ganesh is also seen holding his broken tusk in his right lower hand and a modhakam in his left lower hand .   Lord Ganesh has a huge belly and is fond of various sweets and fruits .   Lord Ganesh is depicted in seated , standing and dancing postures . Lord Ganesh is considered a bachelor . Lord Ganesh vahana is a tiny mouse ( mooshikam or minjur ) .   

Lord Ganesh is also known by other people such as :   

Gajanana ( one with elephant face )  
Vigneshwara ( one who removes problems , obstacles )  
Vinayagar  , Vinayaka , Ganesh

Some of the slogans for Lord Ganesh are :

Om vinayaka namah



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